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"Lipstick The Series" Season 3

Season 3 of Lipstick is coming to Youtube summer of 2023. Check out some clips of what's to come on Lipstick TV channel on YouTube. Octavia Ethridge is producing this season along with, Steven Davis and Carter The Body.


"Stand Up For Something" PSA FILM

Directed and written by Octavia Ethridge, "Stand Up For Something" is filled with many stories and raising awareness for LGBTQIA, Civil Rights, Women Rights and Women Empowerment.


The film will be released into film festivals and later privately screened at The Los Angeles Film School.



In an upside down matriarchic world where being gay is normal and men are fighting for their rights, Bitty, the world’s largest tech company in the world, is undergoing a major change in the chain of command with Lisa Tucker renouncing her throne to Sasha Brooks. With Cheyenne, the company's Vice President of Communications, on Lisa and Sasha's heels to claim the throne for herself, will the company fall along with all the dead bodies piling up? Or will Sasha bring the company to its highest ground?



In an apocalyptic future, Merenary Maxx Stone Kills under contract while he seeks Salvation for his tortured soul.

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